Pickaway County Sportsmen, Inc.

On Target For All

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Upcoming Renewal Meetings

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Several membership renewal safety meetings have been scheduled. As a reminder, until March 1 only current membes may renew. After March 1 new members may apply for membership.

Renewal meetings will be held:

- 1/21 at 1pm at the PCSI Club House

- 2/10 at 1pm at the PCSI Club House

- 2/18 at 1pm at the PCSI Club House

A new member meeting will be held:

- 3/18 at 1pm at the PCSI Club House

Last Updated on Friday, 12 January 2018 17:28

Upcoming Work Parties

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A work party is scheduled for January 27 (starting at 8am) and also March 24 (starting at 8am).

Are you looking to earn work points and help maintain our facility?  You can lead a work party to address any of these ongoing maintenance needs.  Schedule your work party by getting in touch with Michael Blumberg.  A current listing of maintenance needs is attached.

Download this file (pcsi maintenance list 7.xls)pcsi maintenance list 7.xls[ ]28 Kb08/07/17 21:38
Last Updated on Saturday, 20 January 2018 10:16

Updated Newsletter Available

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The latest PCSI Newsletter is now available: Click Here

Last Updated on Sunday, 07 January 2018 19:25

2018 PCSI Schedule

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Here is the latest schedule, updated 1/20/2018 (available as either a PDF or Excel file)

Download this file (pcsi2018 6.pdf)pcsi2018 6.pdf[ ]66 Kb20/01/18 10:22
Download this file (pcsi2018 6.xls)pcsi2018 6.xls[ ]54 Kb20/01/18 10:22
Last Updated on Saturday, 20 January 2018 10:24

Work Points Process

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The process for work points is explained in this document, which is also available in the "Forms and Documents" section of the web site.